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ForCoat coating system

The company’s main activity is coating systems production.

We are a research and implementation company, which deals with the development of new technologies, preparation of documentation required to register the product as a medicine, research and development of analytical methods, implementation of technology to production and running processes of medicinal products registration.

What are coating systems?

It is a powder or granular product, after dissolving in water, it gives a suspension of insoluble stable substance in the dissolved polymer, that is the lacquer. The lacquer used for coating the tablets in order to change surface conditions of the coating process. Tablet coated tablets are obtained. We get tablets covered with a shell.

Reasons for coating the tablets:

  • To increase the mechanical strength of the tablets
  • To reduce dusting
  • To increase esthetics
  • To eliminate the possibility of confusion by increasing recognition
  • To increase the barrier to harmful factors
  • To increase the obstacle to harmful factors
  • In some cases, the sheath changes the place of dissolution of the tablet in the digestive tract
  • To increase the stability of the product
  • To increase the slide during taking a tablet

What is our purpose?

We are a producer of systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a wide range of ready-made systems. We produce systems counterparts of other concerns on request, being cheaper alternatives of the same composition. We produce our own coating systems, based on industry experience. The systems are tailored to the needs of the clients. Our technological solutions are modern and meet the needs:

  • Marketing and customer in terms of esthetics
  • Purchasing department through price competitiveness
  • Production departments through easy-to- use coating systems

Our coating systems are characterized by better technological properties. Allow to reduce the time of coating, improve washing time, reduce the loads of peristaltic pump and spray nozzles. The use of higher shredding pigments provides more effective coverage of tablet surfaces and easier preparation of coating suspension.

Our systems eliminate azo dyes by using innovative solutions, it reduces toxicity and improves safety.

What we offer?

Technological support during the selection of the appropriate coating system

  • We provide advice on mechanical parameters of tablet cores and leading parameters of the technological process
  • We optimize the costs of the coating system and production savings resulting from shorter production procedures.
  • Our technicians help to implement the system on the equipment in the customer’s company.
  • We help to develop a technological instruction for the specific case, together with our client’s operators.
  • We customize the composition of the coating system to customer requirements
  • We offer technological assistance, in most cases free of charge, if the client works on ForCoat systems (formerly Bestcoat)

ForCoat systems advantages

The use of the FORCOAT tablet coating system also offers benefits such as:
– Dust reduction during the packaging process, particularly important for tablet counting and bottling and to ensure the integrity of the blister at the boundary of the two film layers,
– Improved barrierity, protection of the tablet core from environmental exposure, which enhances product stability, and gives us the ability to safely transport unpackaged products (loose tablets).
– Improved appearance and taste characteristics of tablets, reduction of bitter taste,
– Eliminating the possibility of mistakes by giving a specific color to a given product is particularly important when several stamps are made in one format or the same product is in different doses.
– Using the ForCoat system increases the mechanical strength of the final product
– The system with the use of ForCoat shells reduces the time of the coating proces.

New technologies = increase in productivity


We can do any system that a customer needs, even one that already has a registered composition. Very short delivery time. We offer technological assistance. We advise and serve professional help by setting the coating process on each coating machine.


We have convenient bulk packaging, easy to transport. We deliver even small quantities, minimum delivery is 10 kg. The size of cartons allows for high storage on the Euro Pallet. Packaging in double PE bag provides a long shelf life of the system.


The most important is the economic aspect – we are the cheapest in the market. Warehouses are well thought out in terms of technology, machinery, process optimization, and legal requirements for food additives.


We have our own innovative solutions that reduce labor and energy costs. We have a patent application for the use of natural dyes in our systems. We produce at a certified manufacturing site, under GMP conditions.

“The variety of systems is mainly related to the type of polymer used, plasticizers, fillers.”

Our most popular systems.


ForCoat C

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ForCoat S

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ForCoat TRI

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Improve your performance today!

We offer not only coating systems, but also technology consulting services for our clients from specialized experts. Our customers can count on help with setting parameters and developing coating technology for a variety of difficult products. We provide technological support when deploying the system in our own lab and if necessary, transfer the scale to the customer’s factory. We have a flexible approach to customers, a multitude of proposed solutions, matching the color of varnishes and their compositions to their requirements.

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