Our values

What is our purpose?

We are a producer of systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a wide range of ready-made systems. We produce systems counterparts of other concerns on request, being cheaper alternatives of the same composition. We produce our own coating systems, based on industry experience. The systems are tailored to the needs of the clients. Our technological solutions are modern and meet the needs:

  • Marketing and customer in terms of esthetics
  • Purchasing department through price competitiveness
  • Production departments through easy-to- use coating systems

Our coating systems are characterized by better technological properties. Allow to reduce the time of coating, improve washing time, reduce the loads of peristaltic pump and spray nozzles. The use of higher shredding pigments provides more effective coverage of tablet surfaces and easier preparation of coating suspension.

Our systems eliminate azo dyes by using innovative solutions, it reduces toxicity and improves safety.