HPMC: Forcoat



It is basic and economically most efficient system. It is known for simplicity in preparing lacquer used for coating and the composition based integrally on raw materials admitted to use in food industry. This system practically do not delay the time of tablet dissolution. The difference in time of core dissolution and coated tablet dissolution is approximately one minute. The main components of this system are:

Hypromellose (HPMC) E 464
Polydextrose E 1200
Titanium dioxide E 171
Polyethylene glycol E 1521
Talc E 553b


This system is available in various colors based on soluble dyes or dyes lakes admitted to use in food industry.

Advantages of basic ForCoat system:

  1. Simplicity of lacquer preparation
  2. Low cost of the system
  3. Little pressure resistances on the pump dispensing laquer to nozzles
  4. Simplicity in cleaning after process.