ForCoat enteric 66



The manufacturer also proposes systems for products for whom there is a need to modify the method and the speed of releasing the active substances in organism. This kind of systems could be prepared individually for customer’s needs.

ForCoat enteric 66

Ready-made system contains polymers insoluble in acidic environment, soluble in neutral and alkaline environments. Those abilities of copolymer give the coated tablets abilities of ethereal tablets. Preparing the ethereal lacquer is simple and consists of slowly dosing the powder to the water tank while the mixer is on. System should be dissolved in water at temperature about 40˚C for a period from 2 to 3 hours.

After the coating process, the whole equipment need to be washed with warm 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate or alkaline washing agents.

ForCoat enteric 66 composition:

Methacrylic Acid–Ethyl Acrylate Copolymer (1 : 1) EP
Talc EP
Titanium dioxide EP
Polyethylene glycol EP
Silica, Colloidal Anhydrous EP
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate EP
Sodium Laurilsulfate EP


Description of the procedure for using the ForCoat systems

The way of preparing every system is similar. Coating system is a dry mixture of components directly ready to prepare the coating suspension. System does not need the homogenizer. A container or a tank with low-speed mixer is sufficient.

Size and type of mixer, optimum speed:

For the process of preparing the lacquer every kind of mixer could be used. Mixing process should be run with a speed that allows mixing of powders in suspension and at the same will not be a cause of producing foam. Excessively foamed lacquer could disrupt the action of dosing lacquer on atomizing pistols.

Lacquer should be prepared with using the recommended shell concentrations in water solution from 1 to 2 hours before the coating process. During the preparation it is needed to use water in room temperature and during the process of preparing the lacquer the temperature of the water should not overpass 40˚C due to decrease in HPMC polymer solubility in higher temperatures.

Lacquer suplying and atomizing air pressure

The amount of applied lacquer during the coating process depends on the type of coating machine, quantity and types of pistols, batch size of tablets, type of tablets, the tablet deposit temperature and the temperature of the supply of drying agent.

We offer not only coating systems, but also technology consulting services for our clients from specialized experts. Our customers can count on help with setting parameters and developing coating technology for a variety of difficult products. We provide technological support in the system implementation in your own laboratory, if necessary, we move the scale in the customer’s factory. We have a flexible approach to customers, a multitude of proposed solutions, matching the lacquer color and it’s compositions to their requirements.